About Epimed

The Company

Epimed Solutions is specialised in management solutions for clinical and epidemiological information, which enable improvements to efficiency of hospital care and patient safety.

Founded in 2008 by intensive care physicians with wide experience in risk and prognostic studies, Epimed Solutions is a market leader and is currently present in more than 450 hospitals in Europe and Latin America.

Following its mission and values, Epimed offers innovative and exclusive solutions which aim to increase the efficiency of hospitals.



Improve the quality of hospital care through clinical and performance management solutions that enhance efficiency and improve the hospital’s results.


To be the leading global company in clinical analytics and epidemiological information and medical intelligence.


Social Responsibility: To contribute to improve the quality of patient care.
Innovation: Our solutions must be cutting-edge technology, innovative, reliable, and state of the art medical knowledge.
Cooperation: Our clients are partners in achieving our objectives and improving our work.
Excellence: A preocupação com o desenvolvimento e qualificação profissional deve ser permanente.


Carlos Eduardo Reis

MD, MBA – Chief Executive Officer CEO

Jorge Ibrain F. Salluh

MD, PhD – Chief Business Development and Innovation CBDI

Marcio Soares

MD, PhD – Chief Research and Development CRD

Luciana Miguez

MBA, Director of Operations

Marcus Moreira

Chief Financial Officer CFO

Leonardo Pinheiro

Director of IT

Ana Carolina Chiarello

Director of Product Development

Renata Bujokas

Country Manager in Belgium

Caroline Barros

Responsible in Portugal

Gaston Burghi

Responsible en Uruguay

Julio Cesar Fajardo

Responsible in Colombia