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Epimed’s CCIH system allows Hospital Infection Control Service teams to manage clinical data and indicators of quality, and is used in more than 100 hospitals.

As it is completely integrated with Epimed Solutions’ other services (Epimed Monitor ICU, Inpatient Units and Patient Security), it allows a global vision of a patient’s care throughout his or her stay in hospital.

Main Benefits

  • Optimise use of time in the management of clinical information and follow-up of prevention protocols, in use of support measures, and for best results during a multi- professional visit.
  • Have access to a wide clinical characterization of patients and information on the flow of patient hospitalisation in a single panel.
  • Intelligent alerts allow the monitoring of re-hospitalisations of patients who were
    tested positive for multidrug-resistant microorganisms in previous hospitalisations in your network of hospitals.
  • Generate real-time reports of key metrics.


  • Interface showing the other hospitalisation sectors of the same hospital, allowing the easy distribution of information, and optimising the time use of each health professional involved in the process
  • Integrated management of multiple institutions of one hospital network, allowing the follow-up of HAI events through one access profile
  • Interactive reports allow detailed analysis with stratification by diagnoses, prognostic scores, comorbidities, and invasive support, among others.
  • Microbiological profile of the hospital, and not only of a single unit, and with the application of many filters which take into consideration the type of sample, pathogens, and association with the origin of infection
  • Report on the distribution of incidents of multidrug-resistant germs in one or more Units, in any period of time
  • Case and event tracking tools that optimise the work of the Hospital Infection Control Service teams, putting various pieces of information together in one screen, such as, for example, infectious events with vital status, the detection Unit, origin, the antimicrobial used to treat, suitability, pathogen responsible and attribution of multidrug-resistance
  • Qualified benchmarking of the HAIs, by means of a report that compares your hospital with the other hospitals on Epimed’s CCIH system
  • Specialised support, monitored by a health professional who is a specialist in the area of Infection Control
  • Operational compatibility with hospital administrative systems, electronic records, laboratory systems and computerized medical records
  • Wide experience with large-scale system implementation

Main Features

  • Validation and monitoring of infection events
  • Mapping of the isolation precautions imposed on patients
  • Monitoring of Antimicrobials used as therapy or prophylaxis
  • Follow-up and evaluation of surgical procedures and surgical site infections
  • Signalling of multidrug-resistant pathogens reported in previous hospitalisations
  • Follow-up of results of microbiological examinations
  • Surveillance of device-day in use per Unit
  • Monitoring of adherence to hand-hygiene protocols by reference to alcohol gel and liquid soap consumption
  • Real-time reports on the rate of incidence of Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs), the rate of use of invasive devices, the overall rate of nosocomial infections, the antimicrobial susceptibility profile, among others.