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The Epimed Patient Safety Monitor System allows the management in real-time of adverse incidents/events in health institutions. Used in more than 50 hospitals the system was developed in partnership with the World Health Organisation (WHO) and RDC 36 National Program for Patient Safety.


Main Benefits

  • Allows notifications to be given by any collaborator of the health institution, without the need for identification of the same.
  • Manage information about incidents that have occurred in the institution, with analyses qualified with the application of selection filters for the type of incident, the professional category of the notifying staff member, the seriousness of the incident, among others.
  • Use various quality tools to analyse the adverse incidents/events and propose actions for improvement, such as: Analysis of Root Cause, Action Plan 5W2H and the London Protocol.
  • Allows the notifying staff member to query or consult the notification or incident.
  • Have access to individualised reports with wide clinical and epidemiological characterisation, including demographic data, clinical diagnoses, prognostic scores, incident classification in accordance with WHO, root cause analysis and action plan
  • Monitor the safety indicators of the patient, as related to the risk management process


  • Allows the application of the London Protocol for incidents with patient harm.
  • Allows the notifying staff member to query or consult the incident, guaranteeing follow-up of status and facilitating actions for improvement.
  • Agility in the classification of the notification and in the consultation of the progress of the analysis and investigation process.
  • Possible to document the incident, through the printing of reports, analysis and treatment records.
  • Allows the sending of notifications to high-level leadership and/or other leaders via e-mail for scientific purposes
  • Makes tools of quality available, through e-mail, for the managers of units to carry out analysis and investigation of the incident
  • Centralised management of multiple ICUs and hospital networks
  • Operational compatibility with hospital administrative systems.
  • Wide experience with implementation on a large scale

Main Features

  • The London Protocol
  • Root Cause Analysis with WHO Contributing Factors
  • Action plan in the 5W2H
  • Consultation of the notification by the employee
  • Interactive, graphic reports with various filters for the qualified analysis of incidents
  • Validation and monitoring of incidents