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The Epimed Monitor System allows the management of clinical information and adherence to the best practices of real-time assistance.

Used in more than 800 ICUs across Latin America and Europe, the Epimed Monitor System has a database of more than 1.5 million patients, which allows online analyses of indicators from your unit as well as benchmarking analysis of indicators through the use of information from other units on the system

Main Benefits

  • Manage clinical information and the epidemiological profile of your ICU in real time
  • Have access to the principal specialised scores for the stratification of patients by severity of condition
  • Evaluate the performance and efficiency of your ICU through risk-adjusted measures
  • With the use of checklists and bundles, monitor at the bedside adherence to the best care practices and methods of prevention of adverse events and healthcare-associated infections
  • Evaluate the degree of need of your patients for nursing care, thereby allowing the optimisation of allocation of human resources in your ICU
  • Monitor the clinical indicators of your ICU for use in the hospital accreditation process


  • Wide-ranging and qualified benchmarking, including hospitals of excellence, accredited, both public and private
  • Centralised management of multiple ICUs and hospital networks
  • Structured data for clinical research and compatible with the main statistical packages
  • Used for uni- and multicentric research projects published in influential periodicals
  • Operational compatibility with hospital administrative systems, electronic records, laboratory systems and computerized medical records
  • Compatible with the main operating systems and available for Android® and iOS® platforms
  • Rapid implementation for one ICU or on a large scale (large hospital networks)

Main Features

  • Calculation of the main prognostic scores and respective risk estimates:
  • Pediatric ICU: PIM 2, PRISM, RACHS-1
  • Checklists and bundles for the prevention of complications and healthcare-associated infections in the ICU
  • More than 200 dashboards and interactive online reports
  • Qualified benchmarking, with the application of filters for the classification of the patients, ICUs and hospitals that are to be compared