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Comparing outcome of patients with and without acquired immunodeficiency syndrome in the intensive care unit of Instituto de Infectologia Emilio Ribas in São Paulo, Brazil

Autores: Ceila Maria Sant’Ana Málaque1, Késia Alves dos Santos1, Catarina Rodrigues Corrêa1, Jaques Sztajnbok1
1Instituto de Infectologia Emílio Ribas – São Paulo (SP), Brasil

Objective: Compare the outcome of patients diagnosed with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) and
without AIDS hospitalized in the ICU.

Methods: The EPIMED database was used to analyze the data of patients admitted in the ICU of the Instituto de
Infectologia Emilio Ribas in the year of 2016.

Results: A total of 476 patients were admitted to ICU in 2016. Of those, 69.54% were diagnosed with AIDS. The
main causes of admission in ICU for patients with AIDS and without AIDS were infections/sepsis (52.0 x 40.9%)
and respiratory failure (10.7 X 14.1%). The SAPS3 score was 60.6 ± 13.1 X 51.9±15.5 (p: 0.0000) and the length
of stay (LOS) in the hospital was 35.7±50.5 X 29.3±32.9 days (p: 0.0231). On admission at ICU 35.7 X 24.7% of
the patients used vasoactive drugs (p: 0.0235) and 46.0 X 34.5% underwent mechanical ventilation (p: 0.0249). The
ICU and hospital mortality rate (MR) was 43.5% x 29.7% (p: 0.0043) and 53.4 x 34.7% (p: 0.0002), respectively. The
MR in patients with AIDS was higher in those with longer hospital LOS before admission to the ICU (17.4±65.4 x
8.5±15.5; p: 0.0493).

Conclusion: The patients with AIDS had a longer hospital LOS and presented higher mortality rate. The mortality was associated with the longer hospital LOS before admission to the ICU.