Monitor ICU System

Epimed Monitor ICU system supports clinical performance improvement and optimizes resource use in the ICU.




Used at more than 1000 intensive care units, the Epimed Monitor ICU Database compiles data from over 2.5 million patients, providing exclusive benchmarking with other ICUs for comparison of performance indicators, resource use and outcomes.

Enables the analysis of case-mix.

Drives the improvement of clinical outcomes and resource use ensuring a value-based care delivery.

Epimed Monitor ICU Database allows:

Thorough understanding of your patients’ case mix

Track and prevention of ICU-acquired complications

Reduction of the duration of mechanical ventilation

Reduction of ICU length of stay

Optimization of resource allocation

Improvement of ICU efficiency


Improve efficiency analyzing your performance indicators and by comparing outcomes and resource use with + 500 hospitals.

Predictive Analysis

Predict ICU length of stay and the risk of prolonged stay since the first day of admission. Improve planning of bed capacity and resource use.

Real-Time Specialized and
Interactive Dashboards

Benchmarking with ICUs (Epimed Network) in real time

SRU – evaluation of severity-adjusted resource use in ICU

Case-mix (Types of admissions and diagnoses)

Infections and adverse events in the ICU

Main outcomes in ICUs and hospitals

Top Performer e UTI Eficiente

As UTIs que apresentam as melhores taxas de mortalidade e de utilização de recursos padronizados, anualmente, recebem os certificados Top Performer ou UTI Eficiente

Quer fazer parte deste seleto grupo de hospitais Top Performer e Eficientes?

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What do our clients say?

We are pioneers in this type of analysis, as well as in implementing a project in a large number of hospitals, making this multi-centre study one of the most important ever done on the NAS score.’’ The study made it possible to analyse the time spent with patients, leading to the conclusion that patients staying longer in the ICU and deaths create a greater workload for nurses.

Arnaud Bruyneel SIZ Nursing

What do our clients say?

We’re in the middle of the accreditation process and the Epimed Monitor ICU system has been an effective instrument in this process. In general, Epimed Solutions can contribute to the accreditation process of Belgian hospitals.

Dr. Alain D’Hondt CHU Ambroisé Paré

What do our clients say?

I feel that regarding report and benchmarking there is no other product like Epimed Monitor ICU software in the market.

Dr. Koen De Decker OLV Aalst

What do our clients say?

We also use the data for future projects, strategies and policy makers. Epimed figures are perfect for this as we can better substantiate the needs that we have.

Dr. Niels Van Regenmortel ZNA Stuivenberg

What do our clients say?

I'm extremely pleased with the Epimed Monitor ICU system and would not use any other system instead.

Dr. Ingrid Leonard CHR Haunte Senne

What do our clients say?

For us, Epimed Monitor ICU is an extension of our patient’s medical report. It gives us the quality cycle: identify, analyse, make changes, analyse again and then ensure that the results are better.

Dr. Pascal Reper CHR Haunte Senne

What do our clients say?

I open the Epimed Monitor ICU at least once a week to generate reports and see the results. Each year, I present the results and now I use Epimed online and in real-time, especially when there are any issues. Everything is clearer and better organised than before.

Dr. Patrick Biston CHU de Charleroi

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