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The CHU Ambroise Paré, situated in Mons, is an orthopaedics reference hospital in the region.

The hospital has been recently reorganised into several units and has increased the number of beds offered. It currently provides 410 beds, including 14 intensive care beds, and is fitted with high-tech equipment.

While the process for acquiring the ACI – Accreditation Canada International status was ongoing, the hospital identified the need for a quality system for extracting reliable data, thus improving the process of managing and analysing the clinical indicators of its ICU.


The need to obtain its indicators more rapidly and accurately drove the CHU Ambroise Paré to participate in the MICA – Monitoring Intensive Care Activities project, launched in 2017 across Belgium.

As a result, the hospital has adopted the Epimed Monitor ICU system for managing and analysing clinical and performance indicators.

To facilitate data acquisition, the Epimed Monitor system was integrated in the hospital’s IT systems.


Using the Epimed Monitor ICU system has made it possible to monitor clinical and performance indicators more accurately, and to enable increased compliance with best practices together with existing protocols in place.

The benchmarking offered by the system has allowed the CHU Ambroise Paré to compare itself with other ICUs in Belgium. By analysing the SAPS 3 score, the CHU Ambroise Paré concluded that it obtained excellent results in terms of severity compared to those of other ICUs.

We’re in the middle of the accreditation process and the Epimed Monitor ICU system has been an effective instrument in this process. In general, Epimed Solutions can contribute to the accreditation process of Belgian hospitals.

Dr. Alain D’Hondt


According to Dr D’Hondt, the Epimed Monitor ICU system is very important for improving the quality of healthcare and, in particular, for the accreditation process.

Dr D’Hondt has also stressed the importance for continued monitoring of data, discussion of results and possible improvements.

‘‘Now it is a matter of showing the results achieved and getting feedback, which will motivate the teams to continue. This will allow us to improve and maximise resource distribution.

The Epimed Monitor Surveillance system will help us to see the improvements we can bring to the health system in Belgium”, he explains.