Caso de Sucesso



ZNA Stuivenberg was built in 1884 and is the second oldest hospital in Antwerp, having treat famous artists like the painter Vincent Van Gogh. It is a general 250 beds hospital and the only one in the Antwerp province with a burn ICU.

The hospital has a 12 bed surgical intensive care unit (ICU), a 12 beds medical ICU and a 07 beds burn unit that together admits around 1,000 patients per year. Due to the poor neighborhood surrounding the hospital, the ICU also receives many cases of intoxications, aggressions, shooting and stab wounds.

The hospital is in full preparation for the JCI accreditation but did not have a software for ICU quality and performance indicators.


Epimed Monitor ICU software was implemented at ZNA Stuivenberg in September 2017 and is being used by the whole ICU team, including the medical residents.


The ICU now is able to generate in real-time the main ICU quality and performance indicators as well as perform qualified benchmarking with other Belgian ICUs.

The first analyses showed that the ZNA Stuivenberg ICU has a very good clinical performance. In Dr. Niels own words: “We are very happy that for the first time we get a view of what we are doing here, no hospital tool that we had available until this time could offer us this. We felt that we did a good job, but did not have any figures to support it.”

In addition, the ICU now can use the indicators for strategic decisions. As Dr. Niels said,

We also use the data for future projects, strategies and policy makers. Epimed figures are perfect for this as we can better substantiate the needs that we have.


“The biggest win after introducing the system, is that we can now convince colleagues, managers, project leaders, that we have a good performance. We are very satisfied with that, the feeling that we are doing our job good now comes out of the figures objectively”, says Dr. Niels.

According to Dr. Niels, “as a head of department, you have a peer discussion once a year with the chief medical officer who asks to present clinical performance of the service, Epimed Monitor ICU is a great tool for that.”